SpotOn - Book electrical services the easy way

Hiring electricians should not be more complicated than turning on a light switch, that is, with a click. Elektroimportøren chose Kodebyraaet to help develop SpotOn - an original, industry-altering product.

Spoton electrician

Elektroimportøren is Norway’s leading provider of electrical material, lighting, heating and smart home solutions, targeting professionals as well as consumers. But how to increase the company’s market share further?

Circling that bright idea

Six months before Kodebyraaet was on board, Elektroimportøren did their research and initial concept development. They figured that finding a good electrician nearby and purchasing electrical services were barriers for people to get going. Most were unable to recommend a trusted electrician. It turned out that many had poor customer experiences with getting a quote, followed by sliding budgets, and even ending up with an unsatisfactory result.

So what about an online automated electrical service with instant fixed prices, calendar booking and industry leading warranty?

Let there be safe electricians available

Based on their concept and design sketches, our collaboration began spring 2019. Through a series of full day workshops with the research team, we got deep into the matter and a great foundation to build upon.

From the start it was all quite complex. We checked if there existed out-of-the-box solutions that we might use, but concluded that there were none. We needed to build from the ground up, to get it right.

The end-game was to create a service that was easy to use for all stakeholders; Elektroimportøren, electricians and customers.

The initial team consisted of people from Elektroimportøren, Railway and Kodebyraaet; one product owner, two researchers, two business developers, one designer, two full stack engineers (one leaning towards frontend, the other backend) and one team lead. Already early
autumn 2019, we launched the first iteration of the service in the market. Shortly after a company was established for the product and CEO was appointed.

The whole process went smoothly, due to the commitment of each team member. We were a small team that went well along, with plenty of time to take initiative and to be creative. There were few, but good meetings where everyone got their say, and not much need for project management.

The engineers report that they felt empowered, and that work was highly productive.

Stabilize and scale fast

With the core functionality in place, Kodebyraaet is still part of the team with a couple of full stack engineers, focusing on stabilizing the platform for scaling up, as the user base continues to grow. Our engineers continue to work alongside the internal SpotOn team.

Now, certified electricians can manage their availability and services through the service, and consumers can either order services at a fixed price or get a quote over the phone, with a free video inspection. Either way, the SpotOn warranty ensures that customers neither have to pay if the service isn’t delivered according to agreement nor have to pay more than expected.

SpotOn is already a great success, rolled out in most of Norway. The one of a kind product generates more business to Elektroimportøren and electricians, because people are enjoying the new and easy way of purchasing electrical services all over the country.

We believe that the Spot On solution may easily be exported to other countries. Let’s go!

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